Private and Semi-Private Pilates Apparatus Session FAQs


Tell me more about Private and Semi-Private Apparatus Instruction…

Private instruction is one instructor to one student: semi private is one instructor and usually two or three students. These classes use the various Pilates apparatus and the semi-private classes have the same students working together on a regular schedule with the same instructor. We work to form groups with individuals who are able to work at a similar level, so that students can progress consistently. We do not believe in reformer classes or leveled group classes, as one piece of apparatus or certain leveled apparatus classes do not fit all students. At Studio Body Logic® you are placed into an appropriate small group (2-3 students) and will use the various apparatus necessary (not just a reformer) for you to continually progress throughout the system. Private and semi-private sessions are scheduled weekdays between 7am and 8pm and Saturdays until 1pm. Because we have a low turnover in our private and semi-private sessions, we may have a waiting list for those appointments. Daytime sessions open up more quickly than evening or weekend sessions. If you are interested in semi-private instruction, you do not have to find partners before you call us. Our office staff will work to find partners for you.

Can I drop in to a semi-private Apparatus lesson?

SBL office staff and faculty take time to match students together with regard to their Pilates level and exercise background, so the group can progress together. We cannot allow students to drop in for semi-private apparatus lessons, as this is disruptive to the other students who come regularly for instruction. Current apparatus students may join an appropriate apparatus lesson when they have to miss their regular session.

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