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KAREN GARCIA – Owner/Director

Karen spent ten years as a professional ballet dancer with the Dallas, Washington, Fort Worth, and Milwaukee Ballet Companies that performed works from most of the great neo classical and classical choreographers of our time and classical repertory such as Swan Lake, Giselle, Cinderella, and Coppelia.

A career ending knee injury and subsequent Pilates assisted recovery compelled her to devote her time to introducing others to the System

Trained and certified in 1996 under Manhattan-based Romana Kryzanowska, a Joseph Pilates protégé, Karen is one of a handful of second generation Pilates instructors in the world.

Karen founded Studio Body Logic® Authentic Pilates Studios, which have earned significant recognition from local, statewide and national news media as reputable teaching centers. There are two locations serving over 400 students with 20 instructors and apprentices, and five office staff members.

Karen has designed and taught lecture demonstrations for corporations, dance and Pilates conventions, and destination spas. Karen has also created several nationally best selling and critically acclaimed Pilates fitness DVDs, which continue to be best-selling titles.


Bowen McCauley Stretch

Lucy Bowen McCauley is the Artistic Director and Choreographer of Bowen McCauley Dance and has been teaching ballet, modern, jazz and stretch in the DC area for over 20 years. Her pioneering Stretch Technique, developed in the NY studios of exercise physiologist, Jean Paul Muston, has been featured in Sports Illustrated, USA Today, Dance Teacher and the Washington Post. While McCauley has trained elite and medal winning Olympic gymnasts, her engaging stretch classes appeal to dancers, weekend athletes and anyone interested in keeping fit.

Lucy teaches Stretch on Monday and Wednesday evenings in the Arlington studio.





Cyndi has been teaching Barre Body at Studio Body Logic since 2014. Cyndi  completed her Power Pilates Comprehensive Certification in the fall of 2016 and is fully certified as a Pilates Instructor.

The essence of movement embodies Cyndi Cook’s life! She is classically trained in ballet. As a youth she studied with the Center for Ballet Arts in Fairfax and Yuma Ballet Theatre in Arizona, and as a young adult with the American Ballet Theatre in New York and Alabama. In 2014, to add to her skill set as a dance instructor, Cyndi passed examination in ballet, tap and jazz with Dance Master’s of America. Cyndi is also a personal trainer, CrossFit Coach and children’s movement instructor.

Cyndi has integrated her ballet and fitness background to teach Barre Body. Her breadth of experience enables her to talk her class through complex exercises ensuring safe and sound technique to get the most out of each workout. After taking Pilates lessons and understanding how it supports all the various disciplines she had studied and taught, Cyndi entered the Power Pilates Comprehensive Training program.

Cyndi adores teaching and considers herself a lifelong learner. She shares her teaching time with her military husband and two children in Northern Virginia.

Cyndi is a Level 1 Pilates Instructor and teaches Barre Body® and Pilates in the Alexandria studio.



Kim has been teaching Stretch and Sculpt at Studio Body Logic since 2002. Kim is also mat certified through Power Pilates.

Kim has developed a system of stretching and strengthening, which is particularly helpful for joint and muscle injuries and osteoporosis.

Although he has a teaching certificate from George Mason University in English and Psychology, Kim earned his living as both a dancer and an actor. Kim is currently the Associate Director of Momentum Dance Theatre. He has performed with the Washington Ballet and danced with both the Washington Opera and in Kennedy Center Productions. He has choreographed for Scena, the Center Company, and Le Neon. As an actor, he is a company member of Le Neon Theatre Company. Kim has performed at Signature, the Washington Shakespeare Company and many other theaters.

Kim recently bought a new home and now resides in Georgetown.

Kim teaches at both the Arlington and Alexandria studios.



Samantha received her Barre Body® certification in August of 2014.

Samantha started dancing at two and spent the next 24 years thinking about nothing else! Samantha graduated with a degree in Dance from Beloit College in 2002, with a focus on jazz and dance history but after graduation and urging from others, she decided to focus on a more practical career. After a decade long absence from her first choice she discovered Barre Body® in 2013 and it reinvigorated her love of all things dance. Samantha is very excited to teach at Studio Body Logic and loves to create playlists and choreography.

Samantha teaches Barre Body® in the Arlington studio.




Donna began teaching at Studio Body Logic in 2006 and completed her Power Pilates Comprehensive Certification in September 2007.

Donna began studying Pilates at SBL in early 2000. She experienced firsthand the ability of Pilates to manage chronic pain and improve her quality of life and her goal is to pass on to others her love and knowledge of Pilates.

Donna is not native to any city, having spent numerous years living where the Navy dictated. She has a Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Texas that she has never used. Don’t ask her about Longhorn football; she doesn’t know or care. Donna is a jack-of-all-trades, master of none.

Donna lives in Alexandria with three full-time cats and one part-time husband. She is, in fact, one said dead husband away from “Crazy Cat Lady,” which is probably just as well since she is anti-social. (but she is one of our most popular teachers, anyway!)

Donna is a Level 2 Pilates instructor and teaches in the Alexandria studio.



Kyoko received her Barre Body® Teacher Certification in 2014 and has been teaching at Studio Body Logic since 2015. Kyoko is also Pilates mat certified and will enter the Power Pilates Comprehensive Training program this year.

Kyoko danced classic ballet for 15 years at Fukumoto Ballet Academy in Osaka, Japan. As a member of the academy’s competition team, she received solo variation awards at several prestigious ballet competitions in Japan. While she loved to dance, Kyoko decided to pursue a more practical business career in Tokyo.

Kyoko met and married her military husband in Tokyo and in 2005 they moved to Georgia, where Kyoko taught ballet at the Academy of Dance. In 2008 they were off to Italy where Kyoko obtained certifications in several group fitness genres. She is certified, as well, as a group exercise instructor and personal fitness trainer through the Aerobics and Fitness Assn of America. (AFAA).

In 2013 Kyoko and family finally settled down in Northern Virginia where she met Barre Body!

Kyoko teaches Barre Body® at both the Arlington and Alexandria studios.



Kathryn has been teaching at Studio Body Logic since 2003 and completed her Power Pilates Comprehensive Certification in 2004.

Five years earlier, seriously overweight, out of shape and suffering from back pain, Kathryn followed her forward thinking doctor’s recommendation to try Pilates stabilization exercises. Her first attempts failed, but soon she was hooked. She could do everyday activities like gardening and carrying heavy loads safely and easily and has been enthusiastically practicing and teaching ever since.

Kathryn continues to learn and attends numerous workshops throughout the country taught by first and second generation Pilates instructors. She trains regularly with second-generation teacher Lesa McLaughlin. She’s most impassioned that students be able to apply the skills they learn in Pilates to their everyday lives to be strong and injury free.

Kathryn walks to Studio Body Logic from her home in Del Ray which she shares with her husband, Jim, and two rascally kitties, Oshi and Arthur.

Kathryn is a Level 2 Pilates instructor and teaches in the Alexandria studio.



Lori began teaching at Studio Body Logic in 2013 and completed her Power Pilates Comprehensive Certification in 2014.

Over 15 years of full time computer-related work resulted in too much sitting and not enough movement. The first Pilates experience was a result of curiosity of being in front of a small studio. Pilates immediately became an efficient way to a full body workout with fun elements.

Lori continues to participate in continuing education workshops under senior Pilates instructors. She trains regularly with teacher trainer Bonnie Grove.

Lori is native to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She relocated to Maryland due to the strong influence of scholarships and fashion modeling. While she is no longer walking runways she is strutting the sidewalk frequently with her family – husband, daughter and Great Dane.

Lori is a Level 1 instructor and teaches Pilates in the Alexandria studio.



Sarah has been teaching at SBL since 2006 and completed her Comprehensive Certification at the Pilates Center at TRDance in 2005.

Sarah has studied dance for over twenty years and received a BA in Dance Education from Old Dominion University in 2005. She was introduced to the Classical Pilates Method in 2002 after a severe shoulder injury threatened to end her dance career. After studying Pilates for three years under second generation teachers, Kathryn Finney, Gayla Zuchevich, and Todd Rosenlieb in Norfolk, VA, Sarah decided to pass along her knowledge of Pilates in hopes of teaching other people about rehabilitation and lifelong health through the method.

Married in 2010, Sarah and her husband live in Fairfax, VA, with their two dogs and two cats. Sarah spends her free time hiking and judging national and international dance team competitions.

Sarah is a Level 2 Pilates instructor and teaches Barre Body® and Pilates at both the Arlington and Alexandria studios.



Jessie has been teaching at Studio Body Logic since 2003, She completed her Comprehensive Certification with Power Pilates in 2004.

Jessie began her career as a certified massage therapist in 1992. She trained at the Desert Institute for the Healing Arts in Tucson, Arizona.

Jessie became a Pilates student at SBL in 1999 while practicing massage in Arlington and sending clients to SBL for their chronic pain conditions. She found the benefits of Pilates to be so important to her own physical well being that she became an instructor full time. Jessie specializes in teaching clients with chronic pain, illness and/or injury using her anatomy background as a massage therapist and her skill as a Pilates instructor.

Jessie lives with her husband and two wonderful sons and a dog or two in Alexandria.

Jessie is a Level 2 Pilates instructor and teaches in the Alexandria studio.



Karisa began teaching at Studio Body Logic in 2008 and completed her Power Pilates Comprehensive Certification in 2009.

Upon retiring from a professional ballet career with Milwaukee Ballet in 2006, Karisa joined the SBL office staff in Arlington, and began her Power Pilates certification. She taught at Studio Body Logic® before returning to her home state of Wisconsin.

While living in WI, Karisa taught at and managed a Pilates and Barre studio, guest lectured for the University of Wisconsin, Peck School of the Arts, and was a curriculum instructor for the Milwaukee Ballet School. Karisa completed her Barre Body® Teacher Certification in 2016.

She recently returned to the D.C. area after living with her family in Tanzania for two years. Karisa is excited to work with SBL’s dedicated clientele once again!

Karisa is a Level 2 Pilates instructor and teaches Barre Body® and Pilates in the Arlington studio.



Sarah received her Barre Body® Teacher Certification in 2014 and is a Barre Body® Teacher Trainer.

Sarah, a DC native, began dancing as a child at the Arlington Dance Theater. For the past eight years she has been teaching dance at various studios in the DC area and enjoys teaching Barre Body®, ballet, tap and jazz to students of all ages. At every opportunity Sarah takes classes and performs to expand her dance knowledge and experience.

When she’s not dancing, Sarah is an elementary school teacher in Northern Virginia.

Sarah teaches Barre Body® classes in the Arlington studio.



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