Barre Body® Class Descriptions



A modern, challenging, and safe barre class that sculpts your body while providing a calorie-burning cardio workout. Set to an up tempo and fun mix of music ranging from classical to contemporary, this class targets specific muscle groups through repetitive movements. It incorporates weights, therabands, exercise balls, and the ballet barre to build core strength while developing long, lean, flexible muscles.


This class provides the same challenging workout as our regular Barre Body® class but in a 45-minute length. Express classes are offered at certain points of the day for those that want a more “express” workout. These classes follow the same format as their full length, 55-minute counterparts just in a slightly condensed timeframe to help fit into your busy schedule.


A classically inspired and challenging barre workout that draws on both ballet and jazz disciplines. The workout includes the same types of exercises and movements as our original Barre Body® class and moves fluidly through floor barre, ballet barre, and standing barre exercises. Set to a mix of modern and classical music, Barre Body® 2 will help you find your inner dancer while sculpting your body. This class may move at a slightly faster pace than Barre Body® and with more flow and emphasis on dance and ballet vocabulary and complex choreography, such as coordinated movements of the arms and legs.


An innovative approach to a ballet barre workout with both classical and upbeat music. The class begins with a short mat warm-up, flows into traditional ballet exercises at the barre, and finishes with therapeutic floor barre and Barre Body® exercises. Perfect for adult and teen (age 14+) students looking for their beginning level ballet class with a kick!


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